This article first appeared in Attitude issue 278, January 2017.

Drag Race favourite Detox slays the runways and performs around the world. She’s had it with American politics but takes comfort in her love for Madonna…

Sum up the past year in American politics in a sentence.

Fuck my life.

What advice would you give to Lucian Piane?

Hush up, daddy.

The world would be a better place without…

Jennifer Garner.

Who was the biggest bitch on All Stars 2

The viewers.

What would you ask The Queen if you met her? 

What really happened to Diana?

All you want for Christmas is…

A fucking nap.

If you could only follow one Instagram account, whose would you follow?

Madonna. Because she is my mother and her stories are fire.

How would you describe life before social media to a teenager?

A helluva lot more adventure, and a helluva lot less trolls.

Should there be another Sex and the City movie? 

YES! I love those bitches.

Which current celebrity needs to get in the sea? 

I’d say our President, but then that would leave us with Mike Pence, which is unbearable to think of. Can we get rid of the whole Kardashian/Jenner lot — including Kanye?

If a guy wants to date you, what’s the one thing he should definitely have? 

A sense of humour.

Sarah Palin’s best quality is…

Her non-relevance.

What’s the secret to success? 

Humility and being easy to work with.

Which app could you not live without? 

Shazam. Instagram would be a close second. Actually, no, scrap that. Heads Up! That’s the one.

Have you ever seen a panto? Which character would you play if you were in one? 

I’ve never seen a proper British panto, but I’d love to! I think I’d like to play some kind of witch, or mythical creature. Protagonist or antagonist; anything I’d get to be over the top with.

Who should have sung at Trump’s Presidential inauguration? 

The KKK Tabernakle Khoir.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 

Roll back over.

Tell us a secret about RuPaul.

(He’s black).

Which Madonna song best sums up your personality? 

The entire catalogue megamix, duh.

Your biggest regret is…

As Madonna says: “Absolutely. No. Regrets.”

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