Taking the perfect naked selfie is a fine art. With lighting, angles, and carefully placed objects to consider, there’s a lot that goes into nailing that sexy-but-Instagram-safe look.

Luckily for us, for former S Club Junior Aaron Renfree usually knows exactly how to play it, perking up followers yesterday (February 27) with a cheeky picture of himself in the shower in a Liverpool hotel room.

“It’s getting a bit steamy in here,” the 29-year-old dancer and former pop star wrote alongside a picture of him front of a mirror that had conveniently steamed up in all the right places.

Except, upon closer inspection, it appeared it not every reflective surface in the bathroom had followed suit, giving fans a glimpse of much more of Aaron than they were expecting…

The art of naked selfies: nothing if not a minefield.

While we’re at it, here are some extra helpings of Mr Renfree for your viewing pleasure…

Warning! Pic contains tensing! End of the month progress… The gym + marathon training has defo helped me after Christmas. Determined to keep going this year. #saturdaynight #gympump

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And chill… Trying on some more @infinitybraceletuk – thank you i love them! #infinitybracelet

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Friday night feels… who wants to join me on the sofa? #friday #dryjanuary

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Looking forward to the year ahead #2017

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Gonna miss waking up to this… ❤️ #mooloolaba #sunshinecoast #queensland #australia

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