A sandwich shop in Auckland, New Zealand, has apologised for using the word ‘poof’ on their menu.

Bun Mee Kiwi opened for the first time last weekend, but came under fire soon after the for the menu item, Gay NZ reports.

The menu offered extra jalapeno peppers, “Unless you’re a poof.”

Several customers complained about the menu before the restaurant owner’s addressed the issue in a Facebook post.

The owner’s of the restaurant responded by saying: “Woah, woah, woah people relax. If the word ‘poof’ is offensive, we will find a more appropriate word. We will remedy so relax, please help us come up with a more PC appropriate word but it can’t be ‘Sissy’. Thanks and expect our apologies.”

Since the apology, the store has changed the menu. It now offers the jalapeno peppers and reads: “Unless you can’t handle the jandal.”

Along with a post of the new menu, the restaurant owner wrote on Facebook: “Change is made apologies again again if the word poof was offensive… the in-store menu board will be changed in the next few days also… remember life’s too short for sh*t food… so get in and try a Bun Mee today… no sh*t, it will change your life.”

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