Betty White and Max the DogBetty White has spoken out in support of gay people in an interview with US talk show host Larry King.

The Golden Girls star responded to a fan question about the support she has received from the gay community throughout her career.

Instagram user mrluissalazar asked: “What has been the significance of the gay community for your career? And what do you have to say to those against gay people?”

White didn’t answer the first part of the question, but took the opportunity to question why anybody would be homophobic.

She responded: “I don’t care whom you sleep with. It’s ‘What kind of a human being are you?’ I don’t understand [why people are anti-gay], it’s such a personal private business and it’s none of mine.”

The 92-year-old went on to discuss what she doesn’t like about the entertainment industry today, saying that too many people think they have success “coming to them”.

Asked what saddens her, she said: “Some of the ingratitude. Some of the people who get to a very good point and they don’t appreciate it. They think it’s coming to them. They think it’s their due and it isn’t. There’s always someone over there who can do it better.”

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