boohooMAN have launched an exclusive Pride collection with the amazing Philip Normal.

The limited edition collection is a first for the brand and delivers an exclusive offering of bold statement t-shirts and accessories. The collection comes from by London-based designer Philip Normal, who started off his career as a designer in the late 90’s before opening a store in Camden Market to begin his fashion career.

Inspired by pop culture, vibrant style and the LGBT+ rights movement, Philip’s creations are very directional, appealing to his audience in a personable way.

The 30 piece collection comes in flamboyant colourways, features cheeky captions and unique prints – perfect for Pride. Many of the designs are tongue-in-cheek with an element of humour.

Philip said: “We need to make 2017 the best Pride season ever. We need the UK to be a beacon of hope for those countries who have had their Pride marches banned.”

boohooMAN say they are proud to work with Philip to recognise and support their LGBT+ customers. “We support people from all walks of life and want to help build a brand that breaks down barriers.”

boohooMAN’s prices range from £4 – £50 with 10% of proceeds going to charity. 5% will go to the GMFA as chosen by Philip and 5% will go to the Albert Kennedy Trust.

The collection will be available on Monday 31st July.

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