A comprehensive sexual behaviour survey undertaken by the leading men’s health clinic, International Andrology provides fascinating insight into the UK’s changing sexual attitudes and behaviour.

International Andrology is a world leading organisation of highly qualified physicians and surgeons who have played major roles in the development and improvement of modern surgical techniques in the field of men’s sexual and reproductive health. They are actively engaged in research on sexual attitudes and how these relate to issues like erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, couple’s intimacy and penis size anxiety among others.

The comprehensive survey, which involved 1000 women aged 18 and over from all regions of the country, revealed some ground breaking results.

Medical experts at International Andrology said: “The survey demonstrates enormous social change to sexual attitudes in Britain.

“Most apparent is the marked increase in the consumption of pornography. Porn is now an established part of British culture. It is available on demand. Anyone using a smartphone, TV or laptop can access pornographic websites, watch movies and view more explicit nudity on TV than ever before.

“Our survey found that 81.9% of men and nearly 60% of women watch porn. 57% of couples watch porn together.

“In 2015, 56% of adults reported watching porn in Britain. In just two years this statistic has shot up, with 81.9% of men and nearly 60% of women admitting to being regular consumers. Sexual attitudes and norms are changing especially among young people in Britain.”

“Our research and patient experience shows that pleasure from pornography can leave a man feeling inadequate and depressed, and in extreme cases can kill his sex drive which in turn can lead to erectile dysfunction – a condition affecting 1 in 3 British men.

“There are other interesting results: 36% of British men and their partners are dissatisfied with their penis size.Our research reveals the scale of dissatisfaction amongst men, and shows that the problem of body image is particularly acute in Britain compared to similar Western nations.

“The survey also showed up some remarkable regional disparities highlighting for example which parts of the country are having the most sex; the overall frequency of sexual intercourse. It also shone a light on the surprisingly low number of sexual partners reported which is diametrically opposed to the increase in porn consumption.

“This may suggest that the national libido has declined significantly in the real as opposed to the virtual world. The findings throw light not only on our sexual behaviour but also on how our changing world is impacting our body image, confidence and sexual activity and performance.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be further analysing the data and evaluating correlations across porn consumption, penis size satisfaction, sexual activity, relationship status and age.”

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