Cher turns 71 today (May 20) – but famously she still feels (and arguably looks) 25. So to celebrate, here are 25 of her most iconic moments…

1) Appearing on Top of the Pops in black and white.

2) Looking smokin’ hot in this performance of Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

3) The album cover for 1978’s Take Me Home.


4) Attempting to go unnoticed in a Jackson 5 medley back in the day.

5) Correctly predicting exactly what her ‘older’ self would look like in this sketch with Bette Midler and Elton John (no really, it’s uncanny).

6) This emo performance of Dark Lady (eat your heart out, Lana!)

7) This family portrait.


8) Winning an Emmy for playing every character in a scaled down TV performance of West Side Story (yes, this actually happened).

9) Winning an Academy Award for this performance in Moonstruck.

10) Wearing this to the ceremony.



11) The song and video for 1989’s If I Could Turn Back Time (thank you Diane Warren, thank you sailors).

12) Parodying the song and the slap in this Will and Grace scene.

13) Giving her two cents on Madonna to Wogan.

14) This quote from Mermaids.


15) Delivering this immortal line/song/auto-tune to popular culture.


16) Smashing some bitch’s car window with a crowbar in Burlesque (a film she’s never watched, btw).


17) Holding Lady Gaga’s meat purse while wearing her Turn Back Time outfit.


18) This incredible video from impersonator Charlie Hides (which she loves).

19) This newspaper wig from the Woman’s World video.


20) Her Twitter response to Madonna’s album title.


21) Her Twitter response to the national debate on rape and abortion.


22) You know what just all her tweets.


23) Not that she really cares what you think.


cher tweet


24) Becoming the first ever recipient of an Attitude Legend Award (naturally).

25) This immortal line.


Long live the Queen!

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