TLV in LDN is a four-day festival celebrating everything that makes Israel’s most liberal and vibrant city wonderful.

The Roundhouse will host most of the events including a two-day food festival, evening performances by trance group Infected Mushrooms and DJ Guy Gerber, but the LGBT-themed Tel Aviv Beach Party will take place at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle on Friday 8 September.

With one of the world’s largest LGBT scenes it is no wonder that the festival demands a club night focusing on the Tel Aviv’s diverse night scene.

Friday night’s Beach Party is being planned by Shimon Shirazi, who is responsible for making Tel Aviv Pride the mega-event it is today and who hosts the biggest and most anticipated LGBT club nights Tel Aviv has to offer.

The dashing Eliad Cohen, founder of global gay club party Papa Party, will be on hand to help Shirazi get the party started.

Eliad Cohen

Shirazi explained, “I was in London for Pride attending the party of the week at the Coronet and I said this is the place I really wanted to make my party. It reminded me of Tel Aviv – it looks like a old movie theatre. I found the place I wanted to play.”

He went on to describe his vision for the party, saying: “In Tel Aviv you are free to be gay, it is a 24-hour city, and you have the beach, [hence the late gay beach theme].

Dana International has created a new song for the party, my DJs and my friend Eilad Cohen will be there. You can expect amazing decorations, dancers in costumes, atmosphere and me.”

The event’s headliner will be Dana International, the 1998 winner of Eurovision Song Contest and Israel’s poster girl for the transgender community.

“I do a lot of events around the world that are organized by the Ministry of Tourism and I will be attending many of the events at TLV in LND, because they are my family,” Dana said.

“At the Beach Party I will sing Diva and a choice selection of Dance House. And I will have my backup dancers who will offer a nice view for the audience.”

When asked what are the similarities between Tel Aviv and London, she remarked: “It is hard to find similarities. You are so well-behaved and by-the-book.”

Shimon Shirazi


Let’s hope that Shirazi and Dana International will bring the radiance of Tel Aviv and have the Coronet crowd misbehaving.

The Tel Aviv Beach Party is Friday 8 September from 11pm at The Coronet. Tickets are available from £10.

Click here to purchase tickets here.

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