There’s been a huge explosion in the use of dating apps over the past few years.

From Grindr to Tinder, everyone’s hooking up or dating online, and it’s become the new norm to meet your future partner on an app.

But despite the rise in the use of our phones as dating gurus, new research has found that the apps are actually having a negative impact on our lives.

In a new study, men who used Tinder regularly showed higher levels of shame about their bodies than those who don’t use the dating app.

These feelings included a sense of inadequacy about their height, body hair and even penis size.

Those on the app were also ironically more judgemental of other people’s bodies, and they felt an increased pressure to maintain a specific physique.

Researchers said: “Our results suggest that Tinder represents a contemporary medium for appearance pressures, and its use is associated with a variety of negative perceptions about body and self and with increases in individuals’ likelihood to internalise appearance ideals and make comparisons to others.”

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