David Walliams has become entangled in the Australian same-sex marriage debate.

The Little Britain star’s novel, The Boy In The Dress, has caused controversy with Aldi shoppers after the supermarket brand included the book  as a prize in an online competition for parents.

The book tells the story of a boy who decides to wear a friend’s dress to school, and was widely praised when it was released back in 2008.

However, enraged parents commented on Facebook, with many questioning Aldi for their decision to “push social agendas”.

“Excuse me, Aldi Australia, but why are you peddling the child abuse that is ‘The Boy in the Dress’, a novel that promotes children cross-dressing. Are you joining the genderless bully brigade?” wrote one.

Credit: Lee Baxter

Another added: “Aldi is joining the bullies. Shame on you Aldi. I messaged you yesterday to complain about this book.”

Following the backlash, Walliams- who has always been a strong supporter of LGBT+ rights –  felt the need to comment and hit back at critics of the inspirational children’s book.

“It is hard to believe this is 2017,” he told followers.

“It is disappointing when people express these attitudes, but that is why I wrote the book in the first place, to hopefully change the way people think and feel about this subject. It is 10 years since the book was published and now boys go to school in dresses as Dennis from The Boy in the Dress for World Book Day.

“So I think we are heading in the right direction, to a world where being different can be celebrated,” he added.