Emmerdale fans received a shock after Lawrence White was caught in bed with former son-in-law Robert Sugden in last night’s (September 21) double bill episode.

Robert, who came out as bisexual last year, has been on a mission to destroy the White family and take their Home Farm business for himself. However, fans weren’t expecting him to go this far.

Lawrence, played by John Bowe, has been on a downward spiral after hearing that his ex, Ronnie Hale, has moved on to a new man in a letter that was actually forged by Robert.

Then, preying on his enemy’s vulnerability, Robert got Lawrence drunk while encouraging him to open up about Ronnie. The pair quickly bonded as they spoke of their exes, and after some heavy drinking, Lawrence passed out.

But there was a twist in store.


Viewers watched in shock as Robert, played by Ryan Hawley, carried Lawrence upstairs, tucked him into bed and slipped in alongside him.

When Lawrence woke up, Robert claimed the pair had drunkenly slept together before accusing Lawrence of taking advantage of him.

Things only got worse when Finn Barton walked in on the pair, but promised to keep quiet on the matter.

Lawrence’s panic didn’t stop there, as Robert insisted that Rebecca, Lawrence’s daughter who is also expecting Robert’s child, deserved to know the truth.


Lawrence begged Robert not to tell her, leaving him with pretty some strong leverage to get whatever he wants. Just what does Robert have planned for Lawrence?

Emmerdale continues weekdays on ITV.

Words by Fabio Crispim

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