French police managed to stop a terror attack on a gay club in Paris.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb revealed the shocking news while speaking to a committee of the National Assembly yesterday (September 13).

According to Collomb, officers had managed to stop a planned bomb attack, set to go ahead on August 22, that would have specifically targeted a number of gay bars.

He said that those involved had a  “plan of violent action” focusing on “Parisian nightclubs and in particular gay clubs”.

Pride March in Paris

Another plot targeting “a barracks, a police station or a supermarket with hostage-taking,” was apparently averted in January.
“We see that we are moving from an outside threat to an internal threat, and we have to be able to adapt to the evolution of this threat,” he told the committee on Tuesday.
“The threat remains high,” he added. “What [ISIS] wants is to divide the national community and create clashes between French people. This is the trap into which we must not fall.”
It comes following reports that homemade explosives ready for use were found in an unoccupied flat near Paris just last week.