‘’I can now be confident not only as ‘The Vivienne’ the Drag Queen but also as James Williams and it’s all thanks to hair4all and their hair systems.’’

hair4all, Managing Director, Phil Osmond said: “When approached by James ‘The Vivienne’ Williams we were astonished by his lack of confidence and self-belief.

“As a successful drag queen artist and as an ambassador for RuPaul’s UK Drag Race, we were taken back by his remarkable story.”

“With a strong following online, James has successfully built a reputation for being outgoing, confident and flamboyant. But underneath this popular persona, James has lived with the secret of his hair loss, that has affected his life for many years.”

“As like many hair loss sufferers, James concealed his hair loss before visiting hair4all by wearing a hat, a common practice that I myself, once undertook before I discovered hair systems.

“What strikes me the most from James’s story is, even after twenty plus years in the industry, it continues to surprise me, how hair loss can affect anyone, from the shyest person to an outgoing media driven personality.

“We understand the importance of both our client’s appearance and wellbeing and we strongly believe that our hair systems have helped them regain their confidence on an emotional and physical level in an image conscious society.”

With over 20 years’ experience, Phil Osmond, hair4all, Managing Director, has helped thousands of younger men and women to achieve a modern and stylish look that all hair loss suffers yearn for.

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