_74848646_trio2A couple of gay penguins at a Kent zoo are raising a chick after it was abandoned by its birth parents.

Workers at Wingham Wildlife Park gave penguins Jumbo and Kermit (pictured in this article) the egg two months ago – and the pair have been bringing up the penguin chick ever since the egg hatched.

“These two have so far proven to be two of the best penguin parents we have had yet,” park owner Tony Binskin told the BBC.

“We are still very much starting our breeding efforts with this species, and this is only our second year of breeding, but having such good surrogate parents available should we need them is a huge bonus for us.”

Jumbo and Kermit have been romantically involved since 2012 – and have left Wingham Wildlife Park with two females penguins seeking partners.

“Whilst it was nice to see two of our birds pair up, it actually meant that we were left with not two but four birds unable to reproduce within our collection,” the park owner added.

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