Graham-NortonGraham Norton has discussed the criticism he receives for being a camp presenter, saying that the worst of it comes from gay men.

The BBC One presenter and comedian, who received an Icon accolade at the Attitude Awards on Monday night (October 13), discusses the gay community’s attitude to effeminate men in the latest issue of Attitude.

“The only thing that makes me sad – and Alan Carr is sort of like this too – is that the most stick you get is from gay people,” Norton says.

“It’s always been the same, that there’s this sort of weird self-loathing in the gay community… But it’s heartbreaking, because you hear these people say ‘Oh he’s so camp and terrible,’ and you’re thinking, ‘Oh god, you are completely unaware that you’re camp too!’

“There was a very sweet documentary once, and these little gay boys in Brighton were talking about how much they hated me, and it was heartbreaking because they were me.”

You can read Graham’s full interview- in which he discusses his 20-year television career, Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision victory and growing up gay in Ireland – in the new issue of Attitude, which is out in shops now and available to download to your iPad or tablet device at

You can also order a physical copy via post – and pick the cover you want – from

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