Bette Midler.

Her half-century career has spanned film, television, stage and music. There’s every ’90s kid’s favourite film, Hocus Pocus, and possibly the best weepie chick flick of all time, Beaches. From her infamous early days entertaining the clients in gay saunas as ‘Bathhouse Betty’, to last year’s gorgeous girl group tribute album It’s The Girls – which scored the biggest first-week sales of her career – The Divine Miss M’s highlights are almost too numerous to list.

But instead, we’re turn our attention to the diva’s more recent, unexpected reinvention: As one of the undisputed queens of Twitter. After so many years in the biz, Midler has earned the right to simply not give a f*ck, and tweets with wild abandon about news and pop culture, happily making powerful enemies as she goes – the most recent of which being one Mrs Kardashian West. You may not always agree with what she says, but you have to admire her chutzpah. Take a look at a selection of her recent pearlers:

…and when the Beebs responded to that diss, saying he didn’t even know who this ‘Britt Medler’ was:


Oh Bette, keep ’em coming…

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