It’s Zac Efron’s birthday today.

On this day, October 18, the Hollywood hunk was brought into the world as a blessing to all of us. He rose to fame in High School Music, before going on to feature in Hollywood films such as Baywatch, 17 Again and Bad Grandpa.

Please, join us in silent, reverent appreciation for the eighth world wonder that is Zac: zach-2-1024x907 ZacBro zac-hot-skateboard-1 zac-efron CPoMDF6WsAEHfXc.png-large CDuRWXhVIAA29MZ.jpg-large CDu1sqFVIAIJzcV 080112_paperboy_trailer_lead zac-efron-naked-that-awkward-moment-gif zac-efron-mtv-movie-awards-shirtless-flex-shirtless-hot-gallery 61 51 41 3 1