The VoiceJake Shears has revealed that there is a “whole album’s worth” of songs Kylie Minogue has recorded with Scissor Sisters over the years.

Shears and his Scissors bandmate Babydaddy co-wrote and produced the singer’s 2004 hit I Believe In You – and another song the trio wrote together, White Diamond, popped up on 2007’s Showgirl Homecoming Live album.

“I love writing with her and always have,” Shears told Attitude recently. “I’m really proud of all the songs I’ve written with her and I think someday I’m gonna, like, put together a Scissors-Kylie record.

“There’s a whole album’s worth of music. It’s from over the years. There’s some really cool stuff that no-one has heard. We could definitely put together a fun little album. Someday I’m gonna be shifty and leak it.”

On what it’s like to work in the studio with Minogue, Shears added: “She’s just a lot of fun – she’s a great writer and I love writing with her, she’s great with lyrics. But it’s just like playtime, you know. It feels like play, not work. It’s just a nice time for us to hang out and be creative with each other.”

Shears will join Minogue as an advisor on The Voice this Saturday (March 1). Check back on later today for our full interview with Jake.

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