One of Piers Morgan’s favourite topics to go on about on Good Morning Britain is gender. While the host has voiced support for transgender people, he had voiced opposition to non-binary identities and gender neutral clothing.

Yesterday the controversy-courting host took to the airwaves to complain about John Lewis, following the department store’s decision to remove ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ labels on children’s clothing. First, he tweeted that the decision is a sign that “Britain is going officially bonkers”, and later he joked on air: “Can we call it John Lewis anymore or does it have to be Joan Lewis?”

This morning (September 5), TV legend Julian Clary appeared on the morning show to promote his upcoming play and book, and used the opportunity to challenge Piers on his opposition to gender neutrality.

When asked his opinion on the clothing controversy, the comedian, who married his partner last year, said: “My opinion is, why not? It seems like a way forward.

He then took aim at Piers for his response to the decision: “Boys are not being told they should wear frilly dresses – you’re just being tabloid about it, Piers. But if you are a boy and you want to wear a frilly dress, then you should be able to do it without being shamed.”

Piers responded by accusing John Lewis of catering to a majority who are “obsessed” with gender neutrality and political correctness. However, Julian shut him down without raising his voice.

“No-one is saying everyone has to be gender fluid, Piers,” he said . “I can’t think why this is in any way harmful. If you are genderfluid and you don’t want to be in one particular box, then why should you be?

“You had a heated debate earlier about homosexuality,” Julian continued, referencing an interview with a doctor who claimed to be able to ‘cure’ homosexuality. “There was a time when that was considered to be a danger to family life as we know it.

“We all know fear is born from ignorance. If you can demystify these things, then people will realise that everyone has a right to be happy and I think the same principles probably apply to this argument.”

Julian was a guest on the Attitude Heroes podcast earlier this year. During the interview he admitted that he’s been mourning his single status since saying ‘I do’, despite remaining happy in his relationship.

“I’ve been married since November and I’m not sure I like it,” Julian admitted. “It’s a funny business. I feel a certain sort of loss of freedom.

“I’m very happy with my husband, and there was a sort of month of feeling euphoric about being married. But now, a part of me mourns my single status.”

He added: “I think, um, people have to think about it before they get married.”

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