Sunbathers in Italy got the shock of their lives this week.

While catching some Autumn rays, beach-goers noticed some phallic-shaped objects wash up on the shore that turned out to be dildos.

Volunteers at the Licola Mare Clean Association were tasked with cleaning up the sex toys to make the beach safe again for children who after the latest X-rated mishap have have currently been banned from entering. There’s currently no word as of yet about when they’ll be allowed back.

One volunteer recounted after the event, saying: “When we saw them we stated to laugh because we could not do anything else.”

Later, Umberto Mercurio, the Association’s president, revealed that it’s not even the first time dildos have turned up on the beach. They wash ashore because the beach is the end of the ocean’s current.

We think the more important question would be why is someone dumping hundreds of sex toys in the first place? What a waste.

No but seriously, imagine throwing a stick for your dog only for him to come bounding back with a dildo in his mouth? MORTIFYING.

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