Matilda actress Mara Wilson has revealed she wishes she hadn’t come out when she did.

The former child star, who retired from acting in 2013 to focus on writing, came out as bisexual in the wake of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, describing to herself as a two on the Kinsey scale, a spectrum of sexuality ranging form 1 (completely heterosexual) to 10 (completely homosexual).

While many congratulated her on coming out, the star also faced backlash with many claiming she was trying to “take advantage” of the 2016 tragedy. 

Speaking to Lambda Legal about coming out, Wilson said: “I often wish that I hadn’t done it then because I got accused of taking advantage of a tragedy for personal attention.

“Now clearly I like attention, but I am not so callous as to make a tragedy about myself, my life and my story. That isn’t what I was going for.”

Wilson, who said coming out was an “emotional decision”, later claimed the reason she didn’t come out “for a very long time” was because she grew up hearing that bisexual girls were “crazy.”

“I heard that all the time. I heard that bisexual girls were ‘crazy’, they were greedy, they were selfish and they caused drama. They were the worst. They wanted attention.”

Referring to the negative connotations society has with being bisexual, Wilson said: “When you think of bisexuals, you think of villainy. You think of people using their sexuality to get what they want, using other people and hurting other people. Or just having a lot of sex, and… if you are ‘promiscuous’, that is seen as being inherently a bad thing.”

Wilson also called for more bisexual characters to appear in film and television: “I think that, in the entertainment world, there needs to be more bisexual characters for whom bisexuality is just kind of a common thing.”

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