We took to the beaches of Greece last month for our swimwear special where we tried out a pair of UNDERED apparel on our model Kris.

UNDERED create superior quality clothing, including swimwear, underwear, tanks and accessories  with a conscientious approach to design. Opting for a classic approach to style and superior quality craftsmanship, they want you to be able to get garments that last, which in an age of throwaway fashion, is a welcome breath of fresh air.

UNDERED apparel are all about versatility, opting for  designs that can take you from the beach to the gym, or possibly even the club.  They’re also passionate about self-empowerment in individuals, saying they ‘stand with other gay men in the LGBT+ community’ and that  ‘As a whole, the LGBT+ community demonstrates a unique strength and persistence in spite of opposition’.


Take a look online at underedusa.com as well as these lovely men below to give you a bit of motivation or check out their instagram page @underedapparel

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