tumblr_n8gw9dxiFA1tgtvgio1_500-377x670The world’s most followed Vine user, Nash Grier, has kissed a gay fan in a bid to prove that he isn’t homophobic.

The 16-year-old attracted criticism after labelling HIV a “fag” disease in a recent post on the social network.

He later apologised, saying he was in a “bad place” when he posted the clip. He added: “I have nothing against anyone or anything that promotes equality.”

The gay fan who Grier kissed posted a picture on Snapchat and Tumblr, with the caption: “To all the people complaining about Nash being a homophobic who’s against gays; He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story on top of apologising twice.”

In the controversial video, the teenager shows a clip of an American HIV public service announcement informing viewers that HIV “isn’t a gay thing”, before cutting to himself shouting: “Yes it is! Fag!”

Grier became famous for videos featuring him performing practical jokes, having fun with friends and playing games with his younger sister, but has been criticised in the past for making homophobic remarks on Twitter and his comments about women.

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