Luke, 23, Primary school teacher

Height: 6ft. 2in

Weight: 13st

“In the past, I’ve swiped left on guys primarily because they didn’t appeal to me physically. Apps limit us in many ways and push us into making superficial decisions about people. It’s why I gave up on them.”

Do you stick to a regimented diet?

Not really — I’m a pescatarian and trying to transition slowly towards vegetarianism; mostly because I know that meat is awful for the planet. But cutting out meat has also made me feel healthier.

How do you feel about your body?

You’d be very lucky to be completely happy and comfortable in your body. However, I like the way mine has changed over time; how there are little scars here and there, my tattoo, moles and birthmarks. The kind of unique things that I grow to love in people I’ve had relationships with, I’ve grown to love in myself too.

Do you feel comfortable naked?

Yeah, I actually read for Naked Boys Reading, an event which does exactly what it says on the tin. My friends came along and, although it was weird for them to see my dick, it was a laugh. I find it surprising when guys rapidly put on clothes after sex.

Who’s your ideal man and why?

I find it off-putting when people can’t confidently name a favourite artist/book/musician. So I guess my ideal man would be someone with passions they can share with me and a strong sense of identity.

What advice would you give to people about loving their body?

It’s normal to have parts of your body that you don’t like — try to focus on the things you do like. View your body through loving eyes: it’s not arrogant to celebrate yourself because you’d have no problem paying someone else a compliment.

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