Real Housewives star Tamra Judge has hit back at claims her husband is gay.

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange Country, some of Judge’s co-stars were seen discussing fitness trainer Eddie while at a birthday party.

One of the guests, who was once friends with the couple, said: “I saw him making out with a guy. Making out with tongue.”

After the episode had aired, Judge rushed to social media to slam the claims and label her co-stars “homophobic bullies”.

“How orchestrated and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen,” she captioned under a photo of Eddie.

“They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and out a straight man, hoping to humiliate him. It’s not the 1920s and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked.”

She added: “You should all be ashamed of yourself.”

But then it didn’t take long for Gretchen Rossi, a former housewife who was involved in the conversation about Eddie’s sexuality, to refute Judge’s claims that the group were being “homophobic”.

In an Instagram post she wrote: “Some of my dearest & best friends are part of the LGBTQ community…I am not homophobic in any way! No one was trying to “out” anyone.

“Besides,” she wrote, “it’s only ’outing’ someone if he is actually gay, which she adamantly denies.”