Eurovision-Song-Contest-2014A Russian politician involved in the the country’s gay propaganda laws has called for the country to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest.

Vitaly Milonov described Eurovision as a “Sodom show” and “Europe-wide gay parade”.

According to The Guardian, he has written a letter to Russia’s Eurovision selection committee asking for Russian musicians to be withdrawn from the 2014 competition, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark next week.

He said that Russian involvement in this year’s event would “contradict the path of cultural and moral renewal that Russia stands on today”.

“Even just broadcasting the competition in Russia could insult millions of Russians. The participation of the obvious transvestite and hermaphrodite Conchita Wurst on the same stage as Russian singers on live television is blatant propaganda of homosexuality and spiritual decay,” he wrote in his letter.

Wurst’s participation has already caused controversy, with tens of thousands of people across parts of eastern Europe campaigning to have her expelled from the show.

Milonov has taken issue with the Eurovision Song Contest before and has called for his country to host its own “Russiavision” showcasing “traditional values”.

Russia’s act, the Tolmachevy Sisters, are scheduled to appear in the first Eurovision semi-final next Tuesday (May 6).

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