Strictly Come Dancing star Richard Coles has urged the BBC to allow same-sex dance partners on the show.

The former Communard’s star has hit back at the broadcaster after fellow contestant Susan Calman spoke out about being partnered with a male dancer this year, despite being openly gay.

Coles has argued that it makes “no sense” that anyone would oppose the move on the hit show.

“We’ve had a discussion about it, actually, and I don’t know. It makes absolutely no sense that anybody resists the idea, in principle,” he told Digital Spy.

“It’s just a question of doing it. I think this year would be a good year to do it actually, with the 50th anniversary of sexual offences act (which decriminalised sex between two men aged more than 21).”

Earlier this week, Calman claimed that she had originally considered dancing with a woman, but had then changed her mind.

Comedian Calman, said she considered dancing with a woman, but later changed her mind.

She said: “I did think about dancing with a woman, but from the very first moment when I was asked about the show I said I wanted to dance with a man.”

Despite her remarks, the BBC told The Sunday Telegraph that they have no plans to feature same-sex dance partners on the show.