Tommy: (left)
Age: 25
Occupation: Advertising student

Benjy (right)
Age: 23
Occupation: Journalist

So, what were you looking for here?

Benjy: A new experience and just to put myself out there and meet someone for a good chat. If I fancied them, that would be a bonus.

Tommy: I thought it would be fun to spend an evening with someone I hadn’t a clue about.

What were your first impressions?

B: Tommy wasn’t really my type but he had good stories and that made the date really interesting.

T: He’s bubbly and friendly. That’s always attractive.

How was the conversation and what did you talk about?

B: We spoke about his time in the army, life in Singapore and my love (his hatred) of cooking.

T: We shared about travel, work, food, family and our pasts.

What was the most interesting thing about him?

B: That he had worked as a signaller in the air force.

T: It was cute watching him be under a little pressure and deciding on something he didn’t really want from the menu.

What was his best quality?

B: His assertiveness. I found him bold and confident.

T: His desire to be happy.

What did you make of his dress sense?

B: Fashionable. I’m more of a sweater and jeans bloke.

T: Simple and casual. He looked like he spent some time to look good but not too much to come off as vain.

Were there any deal-breakers?

B: He’s a student and I’m looking for a guy who has a job and career.

T: Not really.

What do you think he thought of you?

B: I think he liked me. He was very sweet.

T: Someone approachable and secretly an adventure-seeker.

What were you most worried he would notice about you?

B: My drinking problem. Well, I did polish off about three-quarters of the bottle.

T: That I was getting tipsy. I love wine but my tolerance is a joke.

How was the food?

B: Tasty and quite fancy. I chose London way too quickly. I blame blind-date nerves.

T: Good and the service was great.

Any awkward moments?

B: Well, there was another Attitude date going on at the same time and the guy from the other table asked for my number in the toilet. He was gorgeous, I couldn’t refuse.

T: Not really. It was an enjoyable evening.

Dominic and Padraig dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London.

How did the night end?

B: With me getting Tom’s number, we are going to meet for a drink.

T: It was a nice date overall and we gave each other a big hug.

Snog, marry, avoid?

B: Snog, he’d be a laugh on a night out.

T: I definitely won’t avoid him but I also don’t think I’ll marry him just yet. A snog sounds pleasant.

Will you meet again?

B: I don’t think so since he doesn’t live in London.

T: We swapped numbers so we’ll see. He’s a lot of fun.

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