Whether you’re planning to paint the town every shade of the rainbow or settle down for a more Netflix and chill-type scenario (or somewhere in-between), ensure you always look your youthful best with a range of renewing, lifting and moisturising products from the experts at Lab Series.

Night out

Let’s start with the basics: a good, effective face wash will cleanse your skin of the day’s dirt and grime, giving you an instantly fresher look that demands attention.

Multi-action face wash, 100ml, £19


This three-in-one foaming cream cleanses, exfoliates and conditions the skin, dissolving excess oil and unclogging pores for a smoother appearance. Purifying beads help to remove dead skin cells and impurities, minimising ashiness, and the formula is enriched with vitamins to nourishes the skin, prepping it for a close shave.

Suffering with a break out but need to look your best? Use a BB tinted moisturiser to hide small blemishes and give your skin an even tone and texture. Add a dash of SPF protection in case you’re still up when the sun rises the next morning…

LS BB tinted moisturiser SPF35, 50ml, £38

Multi-functional corrective and reparative treatment that perfects the skin instantly and maintains it with superior long-term technology. Universal shade adjusts to any skin tone. With continued use, skin is even in tone and texture, pores are refined, and lines/wrinkles and sagging skin look diminished. SPF35+++ provides daily protection against harmful UVA/UVB, which cause premature ageing.

If you use a manual shaver, do it properly. Use a quality shaving cream that allows for the closest, smoothest shave, with minimal discomfort and reddening.

Cooling shave cream, 100ml, £17

impact formula provides invigorating, cooling action. The ultra-rich, concentrated cream cushions skin for optimal shave control, closeness and protection. Redness-relieving ingredients help calm the look of skin and reduce the appearance of signs of irritation that may be caused by shaving.

Night in

Get the cucumber slices ready (save one for that G&T, too): it’s time to really indulge. Face masks are an essential bit of TLC for guys on the go.

Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask, 100ml, £26

A purifying weekly mask treatment with a refreshing blue colour. Formulated for powerful skin detoxifi cation to unclog pores and help remove dirt, pollution and excess oil. Leaves skin looking clean, clear and healthy.

Bags under the eyes are a big no-no. Tackle them and minor wrinkles with this intense treatment.

Max LS Instant Eye Lift 15ml, £39

Reclaim younger looking skin with this intense, moisturising eye lift treatment, inspired by Sirtuin technology and containing the same molecular age-less complex as MAX LS Age-less Face Cream Age-Less Face Cream

Look instantly younger — and cuter — with a simple but miraculous revitalising cream.

Mas LS Age-less power V Lifting Cream, 50ml, £58

Max LS Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream helps redefine the look of skin contours. This high-tech treatment, containing LS Power V Technology™ and Molecular Age-Less Complex™, supports the fi ght against the effects of gravity on skin’s appearance. The formula works to help skin look tightened and more lifted, so it looks revitalised. Skin virtually seems to defy gravity; its appearance seems transformed, imparting younger looking skin.

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