There’s an entirely new term for anyone who hates labeling themselves ‘gay’.

Androphiles is a brand new word used to describe someone who is attracted to men or masculinity.

Nicolas Chinardet has claimed to have created the term in the early 2000s, and apparently it’s slowly been catching on.

Speaking to the BBC, Chinardet said: “I think homosexual is a bit clinical, and lots of people use it negatively. ‘Gay’ has a certain lifestyle attached to it, which I don’t recognise myself in.”

He later stated that he doesn’t go clubbing or shopping, which is why he identifies as an androphile.

Explaining the word’s definition, Chinardet said: “It’s a polite, nonspecific way to ask what a certain person is attracted to. An androphilic man is homosexual, while an androphilic woman is heterosexual.”

According to Chinardet, he created the term with his knowledge of the Greek language, putting two words together – the prefix “andro”, meaning man, and “phile”, denoting love for something.

The word has since become popular among young gay men who tend to be politically right-winged.

Henning Diesel, 37, identifies as androphile and has rejected the ‘gay’ label.

He explained: “Gay is part of the LGBT+ world that I never see myself as part of”.

Before adding that he doesn’t enjoy “gay music like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus” or “gay TV and movies like Queer As Folk.”

Much like androphile, “g0ys” is another word used to describe men who are attracted to other men but are offended by the label “gay” and refuse to have anal sex.

Photography: Brandon Summers

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