Tottenham Hotspur fans have been subject to vile homophobic abuse on social media after criticising the team for signing right-back Serge Aurier.

Last week, the player signed a five-year deal with the team in a transfer that will cost around £23 million.

However, the decision disappointed many of their LGBT+ fans after Aurier was suspended back in 2016 for subjecting his coach, Laurent Blanc, and goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu to a torrent of homophobic abuse.

During the incident, Aurier called Blanc “a faggot” and, when asked if Blanc “sucks” Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he responded: “Yeah and he takes the ball with it. He takes everything.”

After news of the signing was made public, LGBT+ fans who dared to criticise the move were hit with hundreds of homophobic messages labelling them “faggots,” and telling them that they should be “lynched” for not wanting the team to succeed.

Take a look at just a taster of the hatred that gay fans received below:

Comments included: “Imagine not wanting Aurier because he’s a homophobe” and “You’re a faggot if you don’t want Aurier at your club”.

The homophobic abuse came in response to LGBT+ fan group Proud Lilywhites, who issued a statement following Aurier’s signing insisting that any form of anti-gay rhetoric would not be accepted.

The group said: “What happens when players such as Serge Aurier who have been openly homophobic in the past join a new club and have a fresh start? This is a journey – we don’t want to recriminate.One of our main tools for change is education, so we’d like to see engagement with LGBT+ fans is at the top of Serge’s list.

“We all love this game and we want to win matches and trophies, but not at any cost. Homophobic language, when unchallenged, can have consequences: we have to be the change we want to see.

“Making change, player by player, even fan by fan if necessary, is why we’re here and we won’t rest until we’ve done it. Welcome to the famous Tottenham Hotspur Serge, we look forward to you getting to know us.”

In response to the controversy, an official F.A. spokesperson told Attitude: “The FA is committed to tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in football at every level of the game.

We continue to encourage fans and players to report abuse, both at a national and county FA level, and work with the leagues, LGBT clubs, campaign groups and the statutory agencies to sanction and educate perpetrators.”