A prank video in which a heterophobic taxi driver rants against straight couples has gone viral ahead of Ireland’s gay marriage referendum tomorrow (May 22).

The stunt turns the tables on a number of recent incidents where gay couples have been thrown out of taxis for kissing or showing affection. Take a look at the hilarious prank below…

The video, produced by taxi app company Hailo, sees the Irish cabbie share some heterophobic views with the straight customers he picks up, telling them: “We don’t normally take heteros in the car”.

Other gems from the ‘straight-hating’ driver include “You always said Cain and Abel – it wasn’t Jane and Abel”, and a dashboard sign which reads ‘No breeders’.

The video is part of Hailo’s ‘Drive for Equality’ campaign, in which the company is offering free trips to Irish people to their local polling station so they can vote in the referendum.

Meanwhile, former Irish president Mary McAleese has given a moving speech about why people should vote ‘Yes’ tomorrow, saying she didn’t bring her gay son into the world “to be a second class citizen” – click here to watch it.

Ireland’s referendum on equal marriage takes place tomorrow (May 22), in the world’s first national public vote on the issue.

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