Under the direction of the award winning designer Charles Wan, Alvarae Design Studio have perfected the industrial materials meets contemporary aesthetic that is very much part of today’s twenty first century living.

Using the structural strength and flexibility of Carbon Fibre Composite mixed with more traditional materials. Alvarae have created an authentic collection of the very best in custom designed contemporary modern luxury furniture that is all about lifestyle than merely objects or functionality.

Each distinctive piece caters to a specific individual need and is created to form the perfect synergy between art & engineering and is defined by the excitement it creates and for its undeniable visual appeal.

And, now you have the opportunity to own a unique piece from the current Be Daring, Be Different, Be Anything collection from Alvarae Design Studio.

Award-winning designer Charles Wan

With a combined retail value of over £3500.00 the pieces include;

The very latest addition to the collection, the limited edition Temaki Sculptured Waste Bin signed by the designer Charles Wan. Recently selected for the Grand Designs Live show. The Temaki takes its inspiration from the art of Japanese Sushi. The Temaki is created from one single sheet of hand rolled carbon fibre formed to create the perfect Temaki cone. The cone is then magnetically attached to a stylish lightweight polished aluminum base.

The modernist design of the Temaki is so sleek, simple and perfect that the very last thing you’ll ever want to do is put it in the corner and use it for a waste bin.

The Temaki Sculptured Waste Bin

A pair of unique Bar Stools, the harmonization of colour customized carbon fibre with the softness of Alcantara and the warmth of natural wood reflects the uniqueness and characteristic of these unique Bar Stools. The Bar Stools can be further personalized with colour stitching that will add an edgy touch to the atmosphere of any gathering. Perfect for a contemporary luxury kitchen, bar or as stand-alone stools.

The Bar Stools

The enjoyment of a good cigar with friends is a moment to be savored. The limited edition Cigar Ashtray features a carbon fibre composite base along with a magnetic ashtray and three magnetic cigar rests in anodized aluminum that can be placed anywhere on the base. Created in a choice of colours; Gold or Gunmetal this stylish ashtray is sure to set the atmosphere for that perfect cigar moment.

Cigar Ashtray

The final touches of any outfit are the shoes. Designed long and sleek the carbon fibre composite Shoe Horn offers ergonomic considerations for users of any height. Wall mounted using a discrete magnetic hook; this light and strong. Shoe Horn is the perfect art installation in any home entrance. The Shoe Horn comes boxed for the perfect gift.

The Shoe Horn Gift Box

For more information on Alvarae Design Studio or the complete Be Daring, Be different, Be Anything collection please visit Alvarae.

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