10 amazing Amy Winehouse moments

With the documentary 'Amy' in cinemas today, looking at the short life, brilliant music and tragic death of Amy Winehouse, it would be easy to wallow once more in the sadness of her passing in 2011. But while her story ended in tragedy, a life cut short at just 27, there was so much to love from Amy when she was with us - both her incredible music and her wicked sense of humour. Here are 10 moments we're looking back on today: amy-winehouse 1. Back where it all started - her debut single, Stronger Than Me: 2. Her response when Buzzcocks host Simon Amstell suggested she record a lovely duet with Katie Melua: 3. When Amstell egged her on to throw a rock at a Dido billboard, and she happily obliged: All together now: "I HATE YOU DIDO!" 4. Her face the moment she found out she won the coveted Record of the Year Grammy Award: tumblr_n9yof2ILCS1rj7g0yo1_500 5. This stunning performance of modern classic Love Is A Losing Game: For obvious reasons, she was never a sure bet as a live performer - but when Amy was on point, she was ON POINT. 6. Her heart-on-sleeve love of romance: tumblr_lzuro9Yrq01r28djgo1_500 7. The effortlessly cool video to her most buoyant song, Tears Dry On Their Own: 8. This: large 9. The time she did the world's 900th cover of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - and MADE IT HER OWN: 10. Back to Black. WHAT. A. SONG. Watch the trailer for Amy below: