Gay 'thruple' reveal how they manage their unusual relationship
Three gay men, who live together as a 'thruple' have spoken about how their unusual relationship works. Londoners David, 54, and Louis, 47, have spoken extensively to GayStarNews about how they wlecomed 28-year-old Sam into their relationship after meeting at a bar - at first for a three month trial period, then for six months, and now, for good. "It was very messy," Louis says of the early days. "There’s a lot of jealousy and a lot of having to adjust. Everyone’s looking out to see if they’re missing out on attention or affection. There were a lot of arguments in the early days. It was a bit of a mind-fuck!"

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"We both had to work out our relationships with Sam," David adds. "Testing each others boundaries, working out someone’s limits, it’s all part of being in a new relationship with someone, but it’s more intense and complicated when there are three of you." He also offered advice for anyone else thinking of entering into a three way relationship. "Talk about everything," he says. "If something is on your mind, bring it up."
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Sam answers the question we're all secretly wondering. "We do have a lot of sex," he laughs, explaining that they've all agreed to be all agreed to commit only to sex within the thruple. At first, they decided to only have sex as a three, but as time has passed they've also started to have sex in pairs. The three have many shared interests which they say keep them together - including photography and filmmaking, and going to the gym. They even have a shared Instagram page. You can read the guys' interview in full over at Gay Star News. More stories Meet the couple who got divorced to add a third man to their relationship Just how common are open relationships among gay men really?