Food store owner fights against the police with a kiss on the lips
Mr. Huang was running an eatery by the roadside in Liuzhou, a city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. As running eateries on the roadside is illegal, city police were sent to inform Huang that he had to cease running his food store. However, Huang didn't take the news very well, and along with his waitress, who was brandishing pots and pans, began to protest against the decision. The police continued to try and move the business man and his associates on. At which point Huang squared up to an officer and appeared to be about to hit him. Instead he kissed a police officer on the lips. The police officer appeared shocked. But lot for long as other officers rushed in from around the back to arrest Huang, while his waitresses came in swinging the utensils and stools in their hands.   Later Huang was arrested and detained for eight days for ‘obstructing government officials from performing their duty.’