Sydney babysitters turns away homophobic couple who demanded a 'normal' person

Australian babysitting company REACH Kids have turned away a couple who were "just looking for a normal person."

The couple requested a babysitter who aligned with their religious beliefs and who supported their anti-gay marriage teachings.

The Sydney-based childcare company posted a snapshot of the messages they received from the couple on its Facebook page.

  REACH Kids 2

In the text messages, the couple wrote: "The babysitter will need to be from a Christian background as we are a faith driven household."

"We also request that the babysitter supports our teaching of anti-gay marriage, and lack of support got the gay/rainbow flag community."

The outlandish requests continued with the couple stating that they're looking for a normal person.

"I'm sorry - we are just asking for a normal person, not one with coloured hair or supporting radical gender theories. We want to raise our kids to be normal, so if there is anyone else we can get for the night that would be great."

REACH Kids 1

REACH Kids later shared the messages on social media, confirming that they had turned down the couple's business.

"Earlier today I received a rather alarming request for a sitter," the post read. "I was asked to only send a sitter who was Christian and did not support the LGBT+ community. While I can understand wanting a sitter whose religious beliefs align with your own, to ask that the person serving you openly disrespects another group of people is outrageous!

"At REACH kids we are incredibly supportive of the diversity within our community. While we recognise not everyone feels the same, we firmly believe in equal rights for all, including the LGBT+ community. I have since turned away this customer based on their discriminatory behaviour toward the LGBT+ community."