Chester Barrie's Christopher Modoo gives stylish menswear tips for guests and grooms-to-be


Savile Row tailor Chester Barrie is the ultimate modern tailor who make men look their best when it matters most. The biggest summer occasions are weddings and whether you are groom, best-man or guest you are going to want to look your best. 

We spoke to Christopher Modoo, the brand’s Senior Creative, who gives the following tips for both grooms-to-be and guests.

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Tips for Grooms

1) Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the process. 2) Decide on dress code first and then seek the advice of the experts. There are always opportunities for self-expression. 3) Wedding parties can get a bit carried away with colour themes. Keep it subtle and do not obsess about “matching”. 4) Tell your florist that you want a miniature buttonhole…they have a tendency to get carried away. 5) Details matter. Pay attention to accessories. Wearing braces will keep your trousers and shirt in place all day and do make sure you are showing shirt cuff. Socks should be long, new and expensive. 6) But avoid tie-bars…they belong in an office. Wear a stick-pin to give your tie a little bit of flair. 7) Do not neglect honeymoon clothes. Whilst spending time at the tailors, obtain a beautiful new blazer to wear. 8) Shoes should be polished to a military shine.

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Tips for Guests

1) When the invitation says "Morning Dress Optional" or "Black Tie or Lounge Suit", always take the more formal option. The wedding party would not suggest it if they did not want you to make the effort. 2) Never worry about over-dressing for a wedding. 3) Wearing a different style of shirt collar, such as an extreme cutaway, will add a dash of formality to a lounge suit. Ditto for a pocket square. 4) A 3pce suit is more versatile. Opt for a plain colour in a lightweight wool or luxury blend.


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