House-hunting couple? New property series Help Us Buy wants to hear from you!
Struggling to agree on a property? Both want different things and can't compromise? Help Us Buy is looking for couples of all ages who are looking for their next home. US property expert Max Blake is coming to UK with one goal: to help couples who are desperately trying to find their perfect home, and to provide them with a whopping £15,000 of his own money towards their deposit. With over a decade’s experience in real estate and specialising in helping people find a home, Max is now heading across the pond to help British couples who are in serious need. Putting his money where his mouth is, Max is putting up the huge contribution to a few lucky couples’ deposit, meaning the huge first hurdle is jumped. With house prices on the rise faster than ever, this cash injection could make all the difference when it comes to making owning your own home a dream or a reality. To apply for the series email [email protected].