London Mayor Sadiq Khan to bring in gender neutral toilets
Khan said that he wants transgender people to feel safe in London. In his interview with the evening standard he said that London will be a city with transgender police officers and gender-neutral toilets. ‘Identity is an area that is evolving and developing and stuff, so I think you should respect people’s right to choose how they want to be identified,’ he said to the paper. Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.46.29 copy He then went on to say that he is going to tackle racism in the capital and commented on how the new Prime Minister was going to be a woman asking how much of a feminist was  Margaret Thatcher. Then he added: ‘Symbolism matters. Barack Obama, simply by virtue of being elected [America’s first black president], that was enough.’ Words: Darren Mew More stories: Watch the trailer for Australia’s new gay swimming drama Orlando: The world remembers, one month on