Get more from your workout with USN's Essentials range
Promotional We think everyone should be able to get high-quality nutrition at affordable prices and our Essentials range is based on the belief that the standards we hold at USN on premium nutrition can still be met. We’ve formulated a core whey supplement to provide everything you need from a Whey Shake to support your goals by combining core product nutrients and a premium quality at a great price. It’s easy and simple – with the high bioavailability we provide an essential amount of protein to support your muscle recovery and to help them grow. We used this philosophy to formulate a Whey Protein shake, which, not only provides superb nutrition, but also tastes fantastic.
  • 24g of Protein per serving
  • High-Quality USN Formulation
  • Great Tasting Flavours
The protein provided, 24g per serving, is incredible for one shake and provides essential support for lean muscle maintenance and growth. Our Dynamic Whey is also produced using only the highest quality ingredients creating a superior formulation with great tasting flavours. Dynamic Whey