Maxi Nutrition's Ibiza Challenge: Rudimental's workout guide
Rudimental's Locksmith, real name Leon Rolle, has teamed up with Maxi Nutrition for its Ibiza 30-day challenge. DJ Locksmith took part in the 30-day challenge and now presents his own guide to getting you prepared for that amazing holiday.

Battle ropes


3x45-60secs / 60-90 secs recovery between sets. These are used as a high intensity interval training tool to develop power and aerobic endurance. You can use battle ropes by quickly moving them in linear and circular motions to raise your heart rate. Keep the ropes moving continuously.

Hanging windshield wipers


4x10-12reps each side / 60-90 secs recovery between sets. Hang from a pull-up bar and bring legs up to the bar until torso and back are parallel to the floor. Brace core and rotate your legs to one side as far as possible, then rotate to the other side. That's one rep!

Locksmith special


1 Burpee + 2 Pull Ups = 1rep 3x10-12reps / 60-90 secs recovery between sets. Stand in front of a pull-up bar, do a burpee, as you jump up grab the bar and do a pull up, then another before letting go. As your feet hit the floor, drop into a burpee and start again.

Barbell push press


4x10-12reps 60-90 secs recovery between sets. The push press works multiple muscle groups. Hold a barbell at shoulder height, bend knees slightly, then quickly straighten your legs, while pushing the bar overhead until arms are fully extended. Try adding some weight with each set.

Inverted sit-ups


3x10-15reps / 60 secs recovery between sets. Inverted sit-ups or hanging sit-ups work upper and middle abdominals. Strap yourself to an inversion table (or use a pair of gravity boots to hang from a pull-up bar). Place your hands on your temples, across your chest, or out in front of you and curl trunk upwards.

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