MaxiNutrition’s 30-day Ibiza Challenge: Meet the finalists!
MaxiNutrition launched the 30-day Ibiza Challenge a few months ago for a chance to win a trip to Ibiza for you and two of your friends for a holiday to remember.

After receiving hundreds of entries, taking part in one of their workout and award winning nutrition programmes for their 30-day Ibiza Challenge, they are now down to their 5 finalists. Meet them below:


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GName: Sean Arnold Age: 26 Category: Best Transformation Location: Ramsgate, Kent Measurements:  32-21 inch waist / 37 – 38 inch chest / 14-15 inch arms Weight lost/ changes: 78kg – 73kg / 13.6% body fat – 11.6% body fat Motivations: My motivation stemmed from my visit to the BodyPower expo in Birmingham - a feeling that I had plateaued and was no longer happy with the way my training was going or how I looked/felt. I'm immensely happy with my 30 day shred, and I'm so glad I pushed myself to do. My goal now is to maintain and improve constantly. max Name: Jordan Quinn Age: 22 Category: Best Transformation Location: Swansea, Wales Weight Lost / Challenges: 13.8stone – 13.2 stone Motivation: We had already gained a lot of the weight over the Christmas period, going from 12 stone to 14 and with football season quiet, all we were doing is eating loads and lifting heavy! I had never really committed myself to one goal so much in my life and it paid off and to become a finalist as well just made it all that more satisfying. BEST BODY CATEGORY Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.11.08 Name: Dale S Age: 28 Category: Best Body Location: Nottingham Measurements: 33inch waist / 46 inch chest / 18 inch arms Weight Lost/ changes: 15.4 stone – 14.8 stone Motivation: I saw the Ibiza Challenge promoted on the Maxi social channels, and seeing as I was already keeping track of my macros, I thought “why not?” My main motivation for success this year was myself from last year.  I'm happy but never satisfied with my body so I'm forever trying to improve. Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.16.58   Name: Hilary Egbosimba Age: 25 Category: Best Body Location: Canary Wharf, East London Measurements: 29 inch waist / 38.5 inch waist Weight Lost/Changes: 79kg – 74kg  / 24.5% body fat – 9.3% Motivation: My friends first brought the Ibiza challenge to my attention as they know me for my competitive side. But my most motivation would come the thought of letting down those that looked up to me and kept going on their individual journey because I kept going.I still have a few challenges to take on in future but I am focused on growing and developing my weaknesses for now. Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.19.43 Name: Nina Lake Age: 29 Category: Best Transformation Location: London Weight Lost/ Changes: 10.5 stone – 10.1 stone Motivation: I was inspired to do this challenge as I had just come back from a holiday that involved a lot of food and alcohol and I wanted to get back into shape. I enjoy challenges, so this was the perfect motivation. My goal when I was doing the challenge was to get into good ‘bikini body’ shape and I feel that I did achieve this and was happy with my results from the challenge.

There is still time to vote for who you think should win a holiday for them and two friends to Ibiza for their efforts:

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