Kylie Minogue says fiancé Joshua Sasse is 'adamant' about fighting for equal marriage

The fight for marriage equality has been raging in Australia for quite some time, with the county's conservative government resisting calls to allow members of the same gender to marry.

Recently, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced he would hold a plebiscite, or public vote, on the matter - a decision that has been criticised by those who fear it will allow toxic homophobia to enter the mainstream.

Despite calls for equal marriage to be passed via a parliamentary vote, it looks as though the plebicite will take place, and brands, politicians and celebrities have all been using their platforms to voice their support for marriage equality.

Someone who has been particularly vocal of her support for the LGBT community is Kylie Minogue. And in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, she turned her attention to equal marriage specifically, describing Australia as "backward" when it comes to the issue and pointing out that the "the earth didn’t cave in” when other countries legalised same-sex marriage.

She also praised her fiancé Joshua Sasse for his support of equal marriage.

“He’s so adamant to fight for gay rights in Australia and it’s coming from the most genuine place," she said. "He just can’t fathom that same-sex marriage hasn’t been legalised and of course I back him up on that, we are waiting for it to happen.”

The British actor has spoken about his support for marriage equality before. However, according to the Daily Telegraph, the Australian media ignored his comments in favour of racier comments he made about his pop star fiancée. More stories: Straight guys kiss another man for the first time – WATCH Sia’s new single ‘The Greatest’ is a haunting tribute to the victims of Orlando