Real Bodies: 'I've built up my body acceptance over the years'
Mark Hatt, 26, Essex, children's charity worker I probably wouldn’t have done it two or three years ago but for a lot of different reasons I’ve built up my body acceptance over the years and when I saw the shout-out on Twitter I thought this would be a good way to prove my self-confidence. Height: 5’10 Weight: 13 stone Diet: I don’t really have a diet in the sense that I eat what I want, when I want. My worst nightmare is sticking to a meal plan. Guilty Pleasures: I really, really, really love cookie dough! I’d have it any night of the week. I love prosecco too. Hook me up to an IV drip of prosecco. Ideal man: In an ideal world I’d be Channing Tatum in Step Up, but I’m not. Yeah, he’s got the body I’d like but he’s really fit too so I wouldn’t mind just having him. Manscaping: Oh yeah, especially when the occasion calls for it – like this. Top Body Product: My best friend works for Clinique so I use a lot of their men’s range. It’s really good, plus it’s free. Clothes: Well, for me it’s a mixed bag. On a Friday night I’ll be in Vauxhall in a string vest and on Saturday night I’ll be in Heaven in heels and full drag. Day-to-day, I wear what I want to work, like tracksuits and stuff for comfort levels. On nights out I tend to wear black. realbodies_markhatt_cjp3194bw Do you think that gay men are shallower than their straight counterparts? Of a certain kind of gay man, yes. But there are plenty out there that aren’t like that; that are just as attractive but without the shallow attitude. The people who do have those views are of a small minority, but the reason they do think like that is, I think, because we’re brought up from a young age to aspire to that kind of ideal as men. I don’t think it’s gay specific to be honest; I think it’s something that affects men in general. Obviously, gay men will find that attractive so it just adds more pressure to live up to that. I’m sure straight women will say the same. Do you think apps like Grindr and Tinder are also responsible for our emphasis on physical appearance? I’ve used them both, I’m not gonna lie, but I do think they are somewhat responsible, yeah. But then again, you can always find your ‘niche’ so to speak on those apps, so you can find what appeals to you, and that’s not really a bad thing. Tinder is fine but Grindr is hell for the carry-on of sending someone a picture and then they just turn around and block you. I don’t get it; just be polite and say ‘I’m not interested’. Have you ever posted a shirtless photo on Instagram? Kind of. I’ll take shots from a certain point and up – but I wouldn’t take a full on shirtless selfie, no. Do you feel comfortable naked? It depends on what the scenario is. I’d walk around naked at home if I lived on my own. I mean if I was married to a guy that looked like Channing Tatum of course I wouldn’t mind being naked, or feel insecure lying next to him. But, if a guy that looked like Channing Tatum was at my gym and stripped off in the locker room, would I be comfortable getting naked, too? Probably not, no. You can read more from Real Bodies in Attitude's October issue, available to download and in shops now. Print copies are available to order from att275nyle_150 Also in Attitude’s October issue, alongside all your usual news, reviews, fitness & travel:
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