Here's the proof that Britney's male backup dancers are a gift from God(ney) - PICS
Last night (September 27th) the legend that is Britney Spears touched down in London for her headline performance at the 10th Apple Music's Festival, and you can check out our review here (spoiler alert, it was good). As well as marking the Princess of Pop's first gig in the UK for five years, last night's show marks something important: The day we fell in love with her merry band of back-up dancers. Because, frankly Have you SEEN her back-up dancers? If there's ever a 'Slumber Party' (or a birthday party, boat party... casual Wednesday) going with these guys, we'll first in the queue. But first, how about some introductions... Willie Gomez This is Willie. He sings, dances, and has a jaw-dropping calendar that will adorn the walls of Attitude HQ long after 2016 is through. If there's anyone that's going to make you 'ooh', it's Willie. Vince Capaldi Meet Vince. Vince is Canadian, enjoys soaking up Europe's culture, and has an apparent phobia of clothing. With a body like THAT Vince, it's going to be 'Hard To Forget Ya'.

Fall progress, why wait for summer 💪🏼

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Zach Brazenas Say hello to Zach. As well as shaking what his mother gave him for Britney, Zach has also danced with J-Lo, Kylie and Katy Perry. Did you know he's also a massage therapist? That's the only 'Invitation' we need. Jae Fusz Jae's an angel. Whether frolicking about topless in the sunshine, posing topless in a Canyon or stripping off with his mates by the pool, he's got 'What You Need'.

Happy Black Friday 😜 Loved this shoot with @officialchehon

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Mikey Pesante Mikey loves dogs, is inspired by Joanne the Scammer and would definitely put on a good 'Private Show'.

I tried sucking EVERYTHING INNNNN after Leaving that buffet 😝😜 #godisgood #loveyourself #puntacana

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Dakota Adan As well as dancing with the Princess of Pop Dakota has also worked as an underwear model, and we'd suggest you get those pictures on you 'Radar' as soon as possible.

Ask me anything 🐯 I'll be making a get to know me video where your questions get answered! #tigereyes tells all!

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Brandon Bryant Brandon was a contestant on season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance, where he placed second runner-up. He's definitely higher than '3' in our eyes though.

“Failure Will Never Overtake Me Because My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.”- Og Mandino

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Well, all that's really left to say is: 'Do You Wanna Come Over?' dancers-3 You can check out an exclusive shoot with Britney's dancer Willie Gomez in Attitude’s January issue, available to download now from It’s in shops next Wednesday (December 7), and print copies are available to order globally from att278_xtine_150