Australian cowboy couple reveal what equal marriage would mean to them - WATCH
Dan and Miki are farmers from New South Wales, Australia. They've been together for six years and, like most couples, want to get married. But, because Australia is still to introduce equal marriage, they can't. Now, the couple are joining the rising sea of voices calling for the country to catch up with the times and make marriage available to all, with heartfelt video shared by Australian Marriage Equality. In the video, Dan explains, “When I first met Miki it was more or less instant, there was definitely an instant attraction, and it got pretty serious quick for me. “People generally don’t bat an eyelid when Miki and I are living and working amongst other farmers. We’re just Dan and Miki, and these are our cattle. “The commitment is there, that you’re willing to work together to get through whatever it is you’re going through, and getting married would be a way of demonstrating that.” Miki adds: “We don’t want anything more than anyone else, we just want the same. We have now found our voice, and we’re not going anywhere.” Plans to decide whether or not Australia would introduce marriage equality by public vote were thrown out yesterday after the Australian Senate voted against the plebiscite, meaning that the pathway to equal marriage in Australia is once again unclear; however equal marriage supporters are hoping the law can be passed by a parliamentary vote.