Gay man allegedly 'thrown off bridge' by married straight man
A gay man was allegedly thrown off a bridge and nearly killed after rejecting advances from a married straight man, New Zealand Herald reports. Maioha Tokotaua found his husband's body lying unconscious under a train bridge in Gladstone, Australia in the early hours of New Year's Day. Joth Wilson, who is now on life support, was found with broken bones, burns, a brain haemorrhage and a severed spinal cord. If Wilson survives, it's likely he'll never walk again. Tokotaua has been at Wilson's bedside for six days and believes the culprit to be a married man who kept harassing the couple on New Year's Eve and made an advance his husband rejected. Shortly before midnight, Wilson headed into town to pick up a pack a cigarettes before the couple planned to give them up as a resolution. When Wilson had been gone for hours, Takataua found him at 2am beneath a train bridge on New Year's Day. At first, Takataua believed Wilson had tried to commit suicide, but then realised his hat and wallet were missing, suggesting a robbery. Tokotaua believes the married man poured a chemical or lighter fluid on Wilson and set alight, leading to his burns. Police however, claim that the burns come from the power lines situated above the railway track. The pair legally married in New Zealand, have three adopted children together and were visiting family over the holiday. The police investigation continues. More stories: Tom Hardy wanted to go full-frontal in new BBC One drama ‘Taboo’ Make-up giant Maybelline just appointed its first-ever male ambassador