New American PrEP campaign urges people to 'f*ck without fear'
A new PrEP campaign by a Los Angeles LGBT Centre is urging people to "f*ck without fear." According to Gay Star News, The billboard hopes to raise awareness around the HIV prevention drug with their slogan "F*ck without fear, PrEP here" and promotes the use of condoms for STI's. If taken daily, PrEP can reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 99%. Darrel Cummings, chief of staff at the centre, believes that we should be optimising all the tools to prevent further HIV infection. "We've got the tools to not only end the fear of HIV, but to end it as an epidemic. Those at risk have to know about the tools, though, and the need honest information and support, especially for groups who are at high-risk of becoming infected. It also hopes to clean up misconceptions about the safety and effectiveness of PrEP, and prove that it is affordable under most health insurance plans int he US." The centre's chief medical officer, Robert Bolan, said: "If HIV uninfected people who are most at-risk of infection successfully protect themselves from the virus, we can effectively end HIV transmission here." Bolan then added that condoms aren't "enough" to prevent HIV. "Because the availability of condoms alone hasn't been enough to stop HIV, we're excited about the promise of PrEP." More stories: Tom Hardy wanted to go full-frontal in new BBC One drama ‘Taboo’ Make-up giant Maybelline just appointed its first-ever male ambassador