How Brandon regained his faith in dating apps after discovering Hanky
PROMOTIONAL As guys all over the country are discovering how dating apps can actually be authentic and worthwhile, we join Brandon Jones to talk about why he likes Hanky so much. Thank you for taking the time, Brandon. So first of all, how exactly do you find Hanky to be more authentic than other gay dating apps? On most other apps you can often feel like a piece of meat. I don't have anything against guys who just want to hook up, but after a while doing that with people who have no other interest in you feels shallow and unsatisfying. So how do you feel Hanky is different in that regard? What’s your experience with it? You interact completely differently on Hanky. To get in you have to take a selfie and it's only visible to guys in your area for 24 hours, so you know what everybody really looks like. Nobody can use a four year-old holiday photo then turn up looking completely different. You also have to validate the app with your phone number, so you're less anonymous. You really notice this when you're messaging guys. Everyone is much more welcoming and real. On most other apps you get the same boring one-liners all the time. Not on Hanky. A bit of conversation to get a feel for the other person is nice, even if you’re just looking for fun.
How many guys are on it? It’s not worth much if there aren't enough. Well, I don’t have the actual numbers. I’m just a guy. But where I live there are plenty of men on there I’ve never seen before and it seems like new ones are joining every day. Lack of guys is definitely nothing to worry about. There are enough for both of us. Actually I get emails every few days previewing some of the new men in my area. I don’t even have to go in and look for them. So what’s the catch? Does it cost an arm and a leg? Haha! No. As far as I know anyone can use it completely free. I’ve bought a subscription because I like the extra features, but some of my friends have been using it for free and it works fine. I’d scythe catch is that it’s probably no good if you’re really in the closet and want to stay that way. People on Hanky are very open and not afraid to be themselves, so if you’re looking for something undercover there are better apps out there. For the rest of us it’s a blessing and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a relief being able to meet real guys on Hanky and feel some chemistry before deciding to meet up. Thank you for sharing, Brandon. We appreciate it. Maybe we’ll meet on Hanky, then. Until then, take care! Mores stories: Who wants a sneak peek at ‘I’m a Celeb’ star Joel Dommett’s Attitude shoot? Single & Fabulous? | How a decade of dating taught me to be my own Valentine